8 Ways to Welcome New Neighbors

If you just moved to Lago Mar, you know that moving to a new neighborhood can be both exciting and daunting. Now that you have settled in, it’s time to pay it forward. How? Here are eight thoughtful ways to welcome new neighbors:

Don’t Wait to Introduce Yourself

Don’t wait for your new neighbors to introduce themselves. Once you notice they’ve moved in, take the initiative. Knock on their door and introduce yourself. Keep the first visit short and friendly. Exchange contact information. Remember, timing is key. Give them a day or two to settle in before making your first contact.

Offer to Help

If you notice an opportunity to lend a hand, don’t hesitate to offer assistance. Ask if they need someone to watch their pets or let their children play with yours while they unpack. Share your Wi-Fi password if they’re waiting for their internet to be set up. Anything you can do to make their first few days easier will be appreciated.

Gifts are Nice

A small, thoughtful gift can go a long way in making new neighbors feel welcomed. Use your new Lago Mar home kitchen to whip up some sweet treats. Put together a “local favorites” basket with items from nearby shops. Assemble a collection of menus from nearby restaurants. Create a welcome packet with useful local information.

Since You Are a Local…

Who knows more about the neighborhood than you? Recommend reliable local service providers such as plumbers or landscapers. Share information about community events and organizations. Point out nearby amenities like parks, libraries and shopping centers, including the small out-of-the-way places only locals know about.

Extend an Invitation

Communities like Lago Mar offer lots of resident-only activities, but a new neighbor might feel hesitant about attending events where they don’t know anyone. Help them start building those connections by inviting them over for coffee or lunch with friends. Organize a small welcome gathering with other neighbors. Offer to accompany them to an upcoming resident event.

Show Interest

Show genuine interest in getting to know your new neighbors: Ask about their previous home and what brought them to the area. Inquire about their interests and hobbies. Listen to any concerns they may have and offer to help.

Be Respectful

While being welcoming is important, it’s equally crucial to respect boundaries. Don’t overstay your welcome during visits and avoid prying into personal matters. Don’t force a friendship. Give them space to settle in at their own pace.

Keep Building

Building relationships takes time. Follow up with your new neighbors in the weeks and months after they move in. Check in to see how they’re settling in. Be sure to smile and wave when you see them. Continue to be a friendly, approachable presence in the neighborhood.

Not a New Neighbor Yet?

If you are looking for a great community full of welcoming neighbors, stop by Lago Mar. Our community offers many amenities, including our crystal lagoon, gorgeous clubhouse, events coordinated by a lifestyle director and more. But it isn’t our amenities that make us special. It’s the people that live here. Visit us today.


Posted on Tuesday, July 9, 2024