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GreenBoLT at Lago Mar: Sustainable Transportation in Our New Home Community

All of Lago Mar’s lavish amenities are within easy reach thanks to the GreenBoLT, an Alternative Transportation Experience, coming 2021.  This trail–ideal for electric golf-carts, bicycles, and segways–is pedestrian friendly, too. It allows you to dash to Amenity Village any time you have the urge for relaxation. You’ll go from doorside to poolside in minutes, and enjoy the ride along the way.

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The GreenBoLT winds through the 2,033-acre community and provides a journey that’s almost as exciting as the destination. No matter where you want to go, the GreenBoLT can take you there. The trail is outfitted with safety features like a 12-foot-wide path and carefully designed intersections. So, no matter if you’re on an electric powered golf cart or out for an evening jog, you’re sure to enjoy a safe and scenic journey.

There are many ways for Lago Mar residents to buzz down the GreenBoLT on their way to the Amenity Village and our crystal lagoon, but by far the most fun is a Bee Mobile bright yellow scooter. Just download the app and use it rent your ride. It couldn’t “bee” simpler! When you’re done, just bring it back to the Bee Mobile station here in Lago Mar. It’s just another perk you’ll enjoy living in Lago Mar.