Creating a Stylish Media Room

Media rooms are a popular structural option for homes in Lago Mar, and it’s easy to see why. Media rooms are great places for family members to snuggle up for movie night or for friends to hang out when the big game is on. When it comes to décor, the goal is to create a comfortable and immersive entertainment space. Here are some ideas to help you craft a stylish media room.

Choose a Theme

Choose a theme for your media room based on your interests. Whether it’s a classic movie theater theme, a sports theme or a gaming theme, cohesive decor can enhance the overall atmosphere. It also makes it easy to purchase decorations.

Start With Seating

You want your media room to be comfortable. That means choosing the right seating. Recliners are good if you want to build a home theater, but low-to-the-ground seating allows people to lounge in comfort. Sectionals are also a good choice as more people can sit on them and you can easily rearrange the pieces for optimal viewing.

Bring On the Blankets

What’s a movie night without cozy blankets? Choose colors that contrast with your seating or complement wall décor. Don’t forget throw pillows. You want guests to be able to rest their heads when you host a marathon.

Dim the Lights

Choose light fixtures that fit your style or theme. Install dimmable lighting fixtures or use smart lighting controls to create the right ambiance. Check with your builder to see what options are available. Consider wall sconces, floor lamps or LED strips behind the television for a cinematic feel.

Themed Wall Art

Decorate the walls with movie posters, framed artwork or custom wall decals that align with the theme of your media room.

Make it Child-Friendly

If you have young children, choose tables and chairs that are low to the ground. Designate a corner for toys and books. Make sure your seating can accommodate sleepy toddlers.

Bring On the Popcorn

Create a dedicated space for snacks and beverages. Consider adding a mini fridge, popcorn machine or a bar cart for a complete entertainment experience. Provide side or coffee tables so everyone can put their drinks down.

Choose a Screen

Choose a large flat-screen TV or, for a more cinematic experience, consider a projection screen. Ensure that the screen size is appropriate for the room dimensions. Consider putting a frame around the television for an artistic look.

Keep It Organized

Invest in stylish media storage units or entertainment centers to keep media equipment organized. Better yet, ask your builder to install built-in shelves for a cohesive look. Concealed storage can help maintain a neat appearance.

Make It Yours

Personalize your media room by adding items that fit your aesthetic. If you love vintage or retro looks, display a record player and records or add a jukebox. If you prefer a more contemporary look, go with modern furniture, abstract art or black-and-white photographs.

Let Our Builders Help You

If you’ve been dreaming of a new home with a media room, visit our model homes and talk to the sales representative about the blockbuster possibilities.

Posted on Thursday, December 14, 2023