Smart Homes Get Smarter in 2023

Smart homes are here to stay. To take advantage of them, you need a robust technology package that includes Cat 6 wiring, high-speed internet, home automation controllers and smart devices you can access via your phone or tablet. Luckily, every Lago Mar home is equipped with just such a technology package so you can take advantage of the latest home automation trends — trends like these:

Rise of the Robots

If you have a Roomba in your home, you are already living with a robot. In 2023, these robotic helpers will do even more than vacuum. Expect to see devices that can mop, wash and empty automatically. Manufacturers are experimenting with smart lawnmowers. Temi is like Alexa on wheels. It follows you around, answers questions and can control your smart devices. It’s still out of most people’s price range but expect to see similar, cheaper models soon.

Smart Appliances

The kitchen will be the chief beneficiary of advances in artificial intelligence. More refrigerators will have touch screens that allow you to watch your favorite television program, read recipe instructions to you and show you what’s inside without opening the door. Smart ovens will sync with your recipes and shut off automatically when your food is cooked. Smaller appliances such as coffee makers, air fryers and microwaves with be voice-activated.

Smarter Lights

We already have lights that can be activated remotely by app or voice. 2023 will be the year you can synch lights with music or your television. You will be able to program them to dim at night or even shut off automatically.

Smart Bathrooms

Bathrooms are about to get an upgrade. Smart toilets will offer touchless opening and closing, flush automatically and even have heated seats. Smart showers provide the ultimate spa experience. Many connect with Alexa allowing you to turn on the water with your voice. They can notify you when the water is at the right temperature, pause the water until you get in, automatically play music and more. Hate cleaning the toilet? Automatic toilet cleaners pump electrolyzed water into your toilet to keep it clean.

Better Health and Wellness

We all want healthier homes. In 2023, you can add numerous smart devices that keep track of everything from your weight to your blood pressure. Smart air purifiers can detect levels of particulate matter in the air and adjust the power automatically. Smart home gym equipment stream classes, keep track of your progress and can even connect to other smart devices so you can monitor your heart rate. Diabetics will have access to machines that automatically chart glucose levels over time.

The Best Way to Get Smart Home Technology

Builders in Lago Mar are experts on what’s available when it comes to smart home technology. Talk to them about what you’d like in your new home and why Lago Mar is the smart choice for your next move!

Posted on Tuesday, December 27, 2022